Debbie Carlson is an award-winning, internationally published writer.

With 20 years of solid professional experience,
she can deliver clean, crisp copy on strict deadlines.
Debbie’s work has appeared in publications including:

Barron’s | Chicago Tribune | Dow Jones Newswires | Financial Advisor
The Guardian | Mashable | US News & World Report
The Wall Street Journal

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Debbie CarlsonDebbie Carlson has written for leading global business publications and has contributed to newspapers, magazines, newswires and online websites, interviewing high-level decision-makers.

For several years Debbie was the Americas Commodities Editor for Dow Jones, where she coordinated commodities coverage for Dow Jones Newswires, the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s, supervising reporters in North,

South and Central America. Debbie also worked with editors in Europe and Asia to coordinate coverage of resources such as metals and energy. Such experience helped to hone a sharp focus for business and financial writing, enabling her to work under tight deadlines to produce world class business journalism.

Education and Awards
Debbie has a B.A. in journalism from Eastern Illinois University and has been recognized for her work. Debbie spearheaded a 10-part series on water use and led the Dow Jones Newswires staff to win a third-place award from the North American Association of Agriculture Journalists. She has also received a First Place Award for Feature Writing from

the Illinois Press Association. Debbie sits on the board of directors for the Guild Literary Complex, one of Chicago’s oldest non-profit literary organizations.

2010-present: Media professional contributing to top-tier national and international publications
2004-2010: News Editor, Commodities, Americas, Dow Jones Newswires
2001-2004: Senior Managing Editor for News and Markets, OsterDowJones Newswires
1999-2001: Staff Writer, Dow Jones Newswires .
1994-1999: Chicago Bureau Chief, Oster Communications Inc./Futures World News
1992-1994: Entertainment Editor, Mid-Illinois Newspapers

Debbie’s strong writing background can be leveraged for your writing and editing needs. In an age where everything was due five minutes ago, there’s no time for second-guessing. Because she has written for both newswires and Web site publications for years, she understands your need for swift execution. You’re in capable hands if you turn to Debbie.

Debbie is adept at distilling the essence of what matters, getting rid of the fluff to tell your readers what they need to know. Having written for different audiences, she knows how to focus messages to appeal to the right reader.

– Need someone to explain arcane, dense topics and translate them into everyday language? That’s Debbie’s specialty. Examples include explaining U.S. states’ interest in reviving the gold currency standard, energy supplies and parsing financial market reaction to the Federal Reserve actions.

– Want someone to speak about business topics at your next meeting? Debbie is comfortable speaking to the public. She’s addressed Brazilian agriculture traders about the view from the U.S. and spoken to journalists on how to use economic data to create story ideas and drive readership.

Debbie can offer organizations:

A fast, clean turnaround on copy.

Compelling website comment that hooks readers.

Targeted copy for newsletters, corporate profiles and press releases.

Focused messaging.

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